Instant loan with commitment from the banks is always non-binding

There is always an instant loan with a promise if borrowers are still eligible as borrowers after the comprehensive credit check. In the credit check, among other things, the income is recorded, but usually also the type of employment of the Credit bureau entry. If the borrower has at least an average income and a permanent position, the promise is usually very likely. More information at

A positive Credit bureau entry together with a positive internal rating can further increase the chances of getting a loan. In return, prospective borrowers should absolutely avoid maintaining negative entries with Credit bureau, as these give the bank a bad picture and this can possibly be a reason for rejection. Negative Credit bureau entries are caused, for example, by installments not paid on time or installments not paid off. The terms of the instant loan are particularly suitable for borrowers who need a “financial injection” particularly quickly.

Fast loans with an even faster commitment

Fast loans with an even faster commitment

Most direct banks on the Internet, as the name suggests, grant instant loans very quickly. Often, the loan is even accepted or canceled “immediately”, although this of course presupposes that the borrower also truthfully fills in all information about his own income situation. When applying for a loan, you should make sure that all the documents are included in their entirety.

This is the only way the bank can guarantee fast processing and award the instant loan with a promise. The instant loans themselves can be found conveniently via credit comparisons, which also directly provide the total and monthly costs and rough key data on the terms. This gives the prospective borrower an initial overview of the credit market and, if desired, can also submit his loan application directly via the loan comparison.

The first commitment from the banks is always non-binding and is based on the truthful information provided by the borrower. If the immediate loan with confirmation is actually received after all the documents have been submitted, the borrower can be sure of his loan. The amount of the loan is usually paid directly to the borrower’s current account via a lightning or express transfer.

Instant loan with approval from the Internet

Instant loan with approval from the Internet

The Internet not only offers the possibility of receiving an instant loan with approval within a few minutes, but also helps in choosing the right provider. The transparency of the independent loan comparisons has a significant effect on borrowers, which is why it is absolutely advisable to use a free comparison in advance.

The borrower himself receives the confirmation directly by email after the comparison and the application for his loan. Since the instant loan is transferred via lightning or express transfer, the borrower receives the liquid funds even faster than with a normal loan. Most direct banks on the market also offer instant loans.

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